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UEFA undertakes to implement the recommendations contained in the report on the recent disruptions in the UEFA Champions League


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Moscow, February 13 – UEFA said it welcomed the publication of an independent report on the disruptions ahead of the 2022 Champions League final, and is committed to implementing its recommendations to ensure the safety of fans.
Before the start of the Champions League final for the 2021/22 season between the Spanish “Real” and the English “Liverpool” (1: 0), which was held on May 28, 2022 at the Stade de France stadium in the suburbs. Paris, the French police used tear gas against fans who tried to storm the stadium. Due to security issues, the game started with a 37-minute delay. On Monday, UEFA’s independent commission released an investigation into the events leading up to the final, saying UEFA was primarily responsible for the organizational and security failures that led to the unrest.

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“On behalf of UEFA, I would like once again to sincerely apologize to all those affected by the events that occurred in the celebration, which was supposed to be the culmination of the club season,” said UEFA Secretary General Theodoros Theodoridis. I apologize to the Liverpool fans for the messages posted before and during the match which resulted in them being unfairly blamed for the situation which caused the delay in the start of the match.
UEFA also said it would cover the independent commission’s administrative fees and costs. So far, UEFA has paid commissions of €413,600 out of a total projected budget of €617,490.

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