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Ukraine received Swedish tracked amphibious vehicles from the 1960s


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In the formations of the army of the Kyiv regime, two-seat armored vehicles Bandvagn 202 appeared, which the Swedish army withdrew from its possession.

It is noteworthy that these amphibious tracked vehicles were bought by an unknown businessman, and several of them arrived in Ukraine. He plans to use them as vehicles to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield.

It is expected that another 10 armored vehicles of this type will be transferred to Ukraine later.

It is noteworthy that the production of the Bandvagn 202 began in the early sixties at the Swedish company Bolinder-Munktell and continued until 1981.

Bandvagn 202 is a relatively light car with a mass of 2900 kg, a length of 6175 mm, a width of 1800 mm and a height of 2200 mm.

It was first equipped with an 82 hp petrol engine, then it was converted to a 97 hp engine. produced by the Swedish company Volvo.

The vehicle may only move on a paved road at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. But they can move over rough terrain and overcome water obstacles using the movement of their tracks. It can also travel only 200 km and accommodate 10 people while weighing 800 kg. This armored vehicle was stored in warehouses for a long time. And now a decision has been made to transfer it to the Ukrainian army.

Source: Russian newspaper

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