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Ukraine tests long-range suicide drone


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A video clip of a hovercraft suicide aircraft developed at the Kiev Aviation University was circulated on social networks.

Netizens noted that its appearance resembles an Iranian-made Arash-2 drone, and perhaps the new Ukrainian suicide march was based on the RZ-60 air training target manufactured by the Kyiv company Ramsay.

The march had a length of two meters, and it was equipped with a piston engine and a rear screw pushing it. Launched from a short rocket catapult. When launched, the drone uses an acceleration block, which allows it to be launched from a platform of short length.

The military tech website bmpd says the video showed the drone placed on the platform of a small Gazelle truck and added that its front was large, indicating it was equipped with an extra fuel tank. and also as a fighting head.

The range of a drone can reach several hundred kilometers. And guidance by means of satellite navigation “GPS” or “Glonass” will make it possible to hit fixed targets, knowing their coordinates. The use of the Starlink system for satellite communications can remove travel distance restrictions.

According to the video, the drone takes off from the platform of a small truck with a rocket booster and flies towards the target with a piston engine and rear propeller. It seems that the effectiveness of the new march of suicide bombers, according to bmpd, will exceed the effectiveness of its predecessor, the Soviet-industrial march of the “strigov”, with which Ukraine bombed Russian lands.

Source: Russian newspaper

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