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Ukraine to Name New Defense Minister After Oleksey Reznikov’s Resignation


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Ukraine to Name New Defense Minister as Russia’s Attacks Continue

Ukraine is set to appoint a new defense minister following the resignation of Oleksey Reznikov, announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday. This decision comes in the wake of an attack by Russian drones in the Odessa region, near the border with Romania, which was repelled by Ukrainian forces. President Zelensky cited the need for “new approaches” in the defense department after more than 550 days of war with Russia.

New Nominee for Defense Minister

Rustam Umarov, a Crimean Tatar who currently heads the state property fund, has been nominated by President Zelensky to replace Reznikov. However, Umarov’s appointment is subject to the approval of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament.

Dismissal Amidst Counter-Offensive and Anti-Corruption Campaign

Reznikov’s dismissal comes at a time when Ukraine is launching a counter-offensive against Russia and intensifying its anti-corruption campaign, in response to requests from the European Union. This move also signals a significant change within Ukraine’s defense circles.

Russian Drone Attacks

Meanwhile, Russia continues to target Ukraine’s infrastructure. Moscow has been launching attacks on the Black Sea and Danube River for weeks, particularly after withdrawing from an agreement that allowed safe passage for ships carrying grain. Ukraine reported that the latest attack involved Iranian-made Shahed planes bombing the Odessa region and drones targeting the Danube region. These attacks have caused damage to civilian and industrial infrastructure.

Penetration into Ukraine’s South

In the Odessa region, where the recent attacks occurred, Ukraine has reported some successes in its counter-offensive on the southern front. The recapture of the village of Ropotyn is seen as a strategic victory that will enable Ukrainian forces to push further towards Russia’s annexed Crimea. General Oleksandr Tarnavsky, leading the southern counterattack, revealed that Ukrainian forces breached Russian lines near Zaporizhia. While progress has been made, the advance of Ukrainian forces has been slowed down by heavy mines in the area.

Recruitment Campaign in Moscow

Russia, in its nineteenth month of offensive operations in Ukraine, has been actively recruiting more men into its army. Former President Dmitry Medvedev announced that 280,000 people have been recruited since the beginning of the year. This includes reservists, volunteers, and other groups. Last year, Russia reneged on its promise not to announce military conscription and called up 300,000 men due to losses on the Ukrainian front.

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