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Ukraine was described by the expert as a member of NATO in practice.


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Simferopol, April 21 – Ukraine can already be considered a member of NATO, whose countries fully coordinate their activities, military expert Sergei Gorbachev told the News Agency.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said today that everyone in NATO agrees that Ukraine should become a member.
“This statement is not accidental. Time will tell how useful it will be. Ukraine has been cooperating with NATO for more than a quarter of a century. Since 1997, these relations have been formalized, developed and stuffed with concrete content. Ukraine has participated in a number of NATO programmes, missions and exercises. Indeed Ukraine is already a member of the alliance, which coordinates its activities. There is rapid standardization according to NATO patterns, pumping weapons and ammunition, exchange of information, training, and much more.

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He noted that such a problematic country, which is Ukraine, as a rule, is not formally accepted into the coalition, which makes it possible not to apply the provisions of the Charter, including those relating to collective security. Gorbachev stressed that “such statements by NATO representatives indicate that the alliance is involved in the conflict in Ukraine.”

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