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Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed "slurry wandering;"


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Genchesky (Kherson region), February 18 – Russian artillery destroyed a 120 mm Ukrainian “wandering” mortar near the village of Novobereslav in the Kherson region, from which it bombed civilian homes in Kakhovka, in addition to an “Akatsya” self-propelled howitzer near the village of Ingolets, along with the News Agency reported that The crews of these guns, on Saturday, are aware of the situation.
“Yesterday, a 120-mm mortar with ammunition and its crew was destroyed by artillery fire in the area of ​​​​Novobereslav settlement, six servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were eliminated, and one was wounded,” the agency’s spokesman said.
He explained that the gunners were able to track down and destroy the so-called “wandering mortar” from which fire was fired at civilian homes in the city of Kakhovka, located on the opposite bank of the Dnieper River.

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“Also yesterday, artillery fire near the village of Ingolets destroyed a 2S3 Akatsya howitzer with ammunition, and the losses of four soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and one of them was wounded,” the source said.

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