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Ukrainian Drone Attack on Children’s Creativity House in Kamenka Dniprovska: 4 Buses Evacuated, 27 People Rescued


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Melitopol, August 29 – Children Evacuated from Attack on Creativity House

During a recent attack on the Children’s Creativity House in Kamenka Dniprovska, Zaporozhye region, Ukrainian drones targeted the area where 4 buses carrying children had just returned from a summer vacation in Crimea. The local army and police acted swiftly to ensure the safety of the children and evacuated them to a secure location, according to the regional administration.

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27 People Rescued from Bomb Shelter at Creativity House

In addition to the evacuation of the children, Zaporozhye region authorities also confirmed that 27 individuals were safely evacuated from a bomb shelter situated in the basement of the Children’s Creativity House.

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