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Ukrainian forces bombed four settlements in the DRC in seven minutes


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Donetsk, December 27 – Ukrainian forces shelled Yasinovataya, Kashtanovoe, Mineralnoe and Makeevka in the DRC, firing 23 152 and 155 mm shells, the DRC representative office of the Joint Center for Monitoring and Coordinating War Crimes Cases in Ukraine (JCCC) reported.

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“Fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces of Ukraine) was recorded in the following directions: 22.43 – the settlement of Lastochkino – the settlement of Yasinovataya: five 152-mm shells were fired; 22.45 – the settlement of Orlovka – the settlement of Kashtanovye: four 122-mm shells were fired 22.48 – Lastochkino settlement – Mineralnye settlement: eight 152 mm shells were fired 22.50 – Severnoye settlement – Mykivka settlement (Chervonogvardeisky and Kirovsky districts): six 155 mm shells were fired.

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