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Ukrainian Forces Holding Dull Defense in North LPR Region


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Luhansk, April 28 – Ukrainian forces have taken up a dense defense and have not yet conducted active offensive operations in Kiev-held areas in the north of the LPR, the News Agency was told by a front-line soldier with the call sign “Kvadrik”, who performs a number of tasks near the village of Makeevka.
Shortly thereafter, scouts of this unit destroyed the enemy stronghold in the north of the republic, and one Ukrainian soldier was supposedly wounded.
“The situation (in the Makiivka area) is now average, we sometimes notice the enemy at night with thermal imagers, they are not very active, … they just respond to our action. They don’t make any active attempts or actions,” Kvadrik said.

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According to him, the enemy is actively using 82-mm mortars and dropping grenades from UAVs.
“Now the work was in progress, the scouts discovered enemy concentrations, grenades were thrown there from a quadrocopter, and we held them back with machine-gun fire and an RPG (hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher),” the interlocutor of the agency noted.

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