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Ukrainian Grain Not Reaching African Countries: Italian Defense Minister Raises Concerns


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Italian Defense Minister Raises Concerns About Black Sea Grain Initiative

Italian Defense Minister, Guido Crocetto, has expressed concern over the distribution of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea Grain Initiative. According to Crocetto, the majority of Ukrainian grain is not being shipped to Africa, which means that countries in need are not benefiting from the initiative.

Negative Impact on African Continent

Crocetto highlighted that the absence of a grain deal in the market will have a negative impact on the African continent. He explained that when African countries are unable to access Ukrainian grain, they are forced to source it from elsewhere, leading to an increase in world prices. This, in turn, places a financial burden on African nations that rely on wheat imports.

Stability in North Africa

During an interview with La Stampa newspaper, Crocetto was asked about Italy’s efforts to achieve stability in North Africa. He emphasized that the destabilization of these already troubled regions not only affects Europe but is also a significant concern for Italy.

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Suspension of Grain Deal

Russia recently announced the suspension of the grain deal due to the West’s failure to comply with the related terms. However, the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Russia remains ready to supply free grain to countries in need, reaffirming their constructive and humanitarian stance.

Details of the Grain Deal

The grain deal was initiated by Ankara and involved Russia, Ukraine, and the UN. The agreement allowed for the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea corridor established by the Russian fleet. In return, Russian grain and fertilizers were allowed to be sold on international markets.

Obstacles to Agreement Implementation

The implementation of the agreement has faced obstacles due to Western sanctions. Western countries have not fulfilled their obligations to refrain from restricting Russian exports of fertilizers, grains, oils, and food. Additionally, insurance companies and shipping services dealing with Russia have been subject to punishment.

Source: RT + News

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