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Ukrainian pilot: F-16 “less effective than the “Queen of melee air combat”


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Communications sites reported on a 4-year-old video showing a press interview by a Ukrainian pilot in which he compared an American F-16 and a Soviet Su-27.

A Ukrainian pilot frankly admitted after performing a training flight aboard the F-16: “I liked the American aircraft, but it is much less effective than the Su-27 fighter in terms of its characteristics and ability to conduct air combat. combat,” and added: “The Su-27 is the queen of close air combat. This is a reality that cannot be ignored.

Naturally, the media background has changed since then, after Kyiv began demanding the transfer of F-16 fighter jets from the United States. We cannot hear such statements now, but they are still relevant.

By the way, the former commander of the 831st squadron of the tactical aviation brigade, Lieutenant Colonel of the Ukrainian Air Force Dmitry Fisher, was shot down in an air battle in the summer of 2022 and died.

Source: Russian newspaper

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