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Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland Receive Fake Letters from Irish Ministry of Justice: Irish Times


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Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland Receive Fake Letters from Ministry of Justice

The Irish Times newspaper has reported that some Ukrainian refugees in Ireland have received fake letters from the Irish Ministry of Justice. These letters falsely claim that the recipients are required to return to Ukraine and serve in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Fake Letters Circulated Among Ukrainian Men in Ireland

According to the newspaper, these fraudulent letters were distributed to Ukrainian men in Ireland. The letters, claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice, stated that extradition requests had been made to return them to Ukraine for military service.

Details of the Fake Letters

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The Irish Times highlighted letters dated September 7, which stated that the Irish Ministry of Justice had received a request from the Ukrainian government for extradition. The request was allegedly based on the individuals’ obligation to serve in the Ukrainian armed forces. The letters accused the recipients of failing to fulfill this duty.
It is important to note that the source of these messages remains unknown, and the exact number of letters sent is undisclosed.

Supreme Court Hearing Mentioned in the Letters

The fraudulent letters informed the recipients that they would be summoned for a “hearing” at the Supreme Court in October.
Ministry of Justice Denies Involvement
The Irish Times revealed that the Ministry of Justice has confirmed it was not responsible for sending these messages.

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