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Ukrainian Security Forces Warn Police Officers Joining Russian Ministry of Interior


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Melitopol, March 3 – Ukrainian security forces threaten with physical violence police officers who joined the Russian Interior Ministry and their relatives, a former employee of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, who remained working in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye region, according to the RIA news agency. Novosti.
“Those who stayed here have been pressured. We are being threatened, threatening text messages are being sent to our relatives. At the moment, Ukrainian communications are practically inaccessible, SIM cards have been thrown away, but such threats transmitted through people will be shot.” First of all, legs and arms will be cut off. And you know for yourself how cruel they are and how they treat people – no one in the world can behave like these nationalists … They threaten our families, relatives and friends. They tried to break us, but they didn’t. It turns out “Yes, our employees are dying. Those who are currently working, an employee died in Energodar, was blown up in Berdyansk. But we still work and will work to the end,” the agency spokesman said.

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The Zaporizhia region became a subject of the Russian Federation after the referendum held in September 2022, the results of which Kiev does not recognize and continues to bomb the region. Today, more than 70% of the Zaporozhye region is under Russian control, while the regional center, the city of Zaporozhye, is still under the control of Ukrainian forces.

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