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Uncovering a Rare Ancient Skull-Shaped Model


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Archaeologists at Armageddon found a rare ancient model of a skull hole in ancient times.

Arkeonews notes that this skull surgery may be the oldest in the Middle East.

It is reported that in 2016, in the palace of Megiddo (the name of the city that bears the name of the hill itself), excavations of several tombs were carried out, during which archaeologists found a tomb that belonged to two brothers who lived 3500 years ago – between 1550-1450 BC. BC.

The results of the study of the remains of two brothers showed that the age of the oldest of them was 20-40 years old, and in his skull there were traces of a surgical operation, which included the removal of a square piece of the skull. frontal bone with a sharp instrument, which at that time was not a common model.

Bioarchaeologist Rachel Kalisher says: “At first I thought that my colleagues took a piece of bone as a DNA sample, but later it turned out that this was not true.”

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