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Uncovering Bright Mosaics in England During Building Work


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A group of archaeologists have announced the discovery of the remains of what is believed to be a Roman villa with stunning mosaics under a shop building in the UK.

Scientists have found the remains of a Roman villa on Warrington Road in Olney, Buckinghamshire, southeast England, and a beautiful red, white and blue tiled bathroom.

Now we can share a rather interesting find, just in time for #FindsFriday … Roman #mosaicprobably belonging to the East Midlands Durobrivan group, which we discovered during excavations at Olney, Buckinghamshire, on behalf of Angle Property 1/

— Oxford Archeology (@oatweet) March 17, 2023

Archaeologists say the mosaics have “bright colors and intricate decorative patterns” made up of red, white and blue tiles.

The excavations were carried out by Oxford Archeology for developer Angle Property due to the recent discovery’s proximity to the Roman city at Olney.

The team noted that these mosaics are “archaeological remains of great importance” and that many ancient ruins are believed to lie beneath Warrington Road.

As John, OA’s project manager, said, “This fantastic mosaic far exceeded all expectations.”

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— Oxford Archeology (@oatweet) March 17, 2023

Mosaics are currently being registered and preserved at the site by reburial of the remains to protect them from planned construction activities.

The archaeologists said that after negotiations with Historic England and the Milton Keynes Council, the mosaics were kept in their original location, meaning that construction would continue without causing damage to the find.

Previous excavations throughout the city have revealed Roman settlements and buildings from the Middle Ages.

John Bothroyd, senior project manager at Oxford University of Archeology, told the BBC: “Given its location, we expected to see some notable Roman ruins, but the discovery of these magnificent mosaics far exceeded those expectations. Being able to preserve archaeological remains of this quality and importance is the result. Marvelous”.

The team believes that many other pieces of ancient art are still hidden under Warrington Road but due to their location will not be excavated.

Source: Daily Mail

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