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Uncovering the Mystery Behind the Children’s Crying at 17:00 to 23:00


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Many parents know that babies cry unbearably from 17:00 to 23:00.

This period of time is known to specialists as the “witch hour”, and this is the time when the baby is very moody. This usually happens daily from 17:00 to 23:00. It can last from several minutes to several hours. For most babies, the “magic hour” begins two to three weeks after birth and peaks at 6 weeks of age.

And new research shows there’s a scientific reason for that annoying “witch hour” crying. And the reasons for many hours of crying can be stomach discomfort, fatigue and overexcitation.

Pediatricians and sleep experts have come together to support new parents as they struggle with this stressful condition and offer a range of tips for calming newborns.

Witch hour is distinct from colic hour, which is defined as bouts of crying for more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, and occurring for at least three consecutive weeks.

However, some new parents may find that they have a child with colic (crying that occurs at the same time each day) who is also participating in the witching hour.

Children’s sleep coaches and medical professionals believe that understanding why magic hour occurs is the key to overcoming it later on.

Feeling tired is believed to be the main cause of bad temperament in babies.

It may seem that a newborn baby is constantly sleeping, but he is in the womb, where he sleeps almost all hours of the day in a warm environment. And now he is in our world, sleeping in a new environment in which he is comfortable.

At this time, children may begin to release adrenaline into the bloodstream, which prevents them from sleeping, and then they get tired during the day.

Health professionals suggest taking the baby out of the house during the day and in the late afternoon so that he can sleep better at night.

And considering that newborns are just beginning to learn about the world around them, lights, sounds and movements are all new and exciting. This may be too much for their small bodies and they become overly aroused.

By the time it reaches five o’clock, your newborn may have reached his stimulation limit and is crying because of it, so he starts crying as a result.

Symptoms of overstimulation include a desire for more feeds, a firm grip, and a refusal to be touched.

Children’s sleep coach Desiree Beard recommends eliminating background noise to help your child relax.

“Dim the lights, turn off the TV and go to a quiet room to feed your baby,” she said. “A calm environment and a full tummy can be just what your baby needs during magic hour.”

Another reason that can trigger the magic hour is stomach discomfort due to gas or acid reflux, which are very common among newborns due to their developing digestive system.

And although there are no medicines suitable for babies in the pharmacy, mothers can look at their diet to see if any of the foods they eat contribute to this.

WebMD Health suggests avoiding spicy foods, sugary drinks, and common causes of gas such as beans, broccoli, sprouts, and Brussels sprouts.

Another tip is to add “white noise” (a group of noises or sounds that combine all the frequencies that a person can hear and fall in the frequency spectrum from 20 to 20 thousand hertz), since it imitates the sounds that a child hears. developing in the womb, which can take him back to the place he knows, making him feel more relaxed.

Source: Daily Mail

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