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Uncovering the Number of Russians Failing Probation Period at Work


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Moscow, March 30 – The HeadHunter study, conducted by the News Agency, showed that more than 20% of Russians do not successfully pass the probationary period at work, most often these are workers from 25 to 44 years old.

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The company’s research service conducted a survey from March 17-27 among 3,172 Russian job seekers.

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“Two out of three (67%) respondents successfully passed the probationary period. Most (of 70% and above) are builders, lawyers, senior managers and IT professionals working in manufacturing and agriculture. Almost one in five (23%) left the company during the probationary period Of his own free will, and most often these are employees from 25 to 44 years old (24%), workers and administrative staff (29% each), as well as salespeople and young professionals without experience (27%), the letter says.
Overall, about 75% of employees faced a probationary period, and only one in five passed it when they were hired. The highest percentage of those who were employed without a probationary period was among workers in science and education, builders, and workers and employees in the tourism sector.
More than half of the respondents believe that a probationary period is needed, however, 47% of those who underwent a probationary period indicated that the salary at that time was lower, and about a quarter did not have bonuses.
About 55% of the respondents believe that the probationary period should last one month, 18% believe that two months are needed, and only 14% agree with the standard probationary period of three months.

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