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Uncovering the Reasons behind Loss of Smell: Insights from a Doctor


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Dr. Vladislav Moshchenko, an ENT doctor, said that food poisoning, nasal polyps and brain diseases can cause a disorder and loss of smell.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the doctor points out that the sense of smell is characterized by the ability to capture and identify substances by their smell in the air. And that its main function is protection. In addition, taste sensations can only be explained and appreciated through the sense of smell. By some estimates, a person with anosmia can only recognize 20 percent of the taste of things.

He says: “There are many factors that can cause a smell disorder: sinusitis, infectious diseases and their consequences, allergies, nervous diseases, exposure to toxic substances, poisoning, nasal polyps, trauma and surgery, congenital anomalies, brain disorders, etc. “.

According to him, in some cases it is not possible to establish the cause of the loss of smell. As for children, they can lose their sense of smell at an early age for several reasons: congenital anomalies in the development of the nasal cavity, head, the presence of infections in these areas, and even anosmia.

And he adds: He treats the loss of smell with medicines and drugs and trains the sense of smell (trains smells with various aromatic materials). Sometimes, in certain cases, it is treated with surgery.

He says: “The method of treatment must be coordinated with a specialist doctor. Because the effectiveness of treatment and the possibility of restoring the sense of smell largely depend on the nature of the disease and the factors that caused it. characterized by a high ability to recover, which always gives hope for the restoration of smell.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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