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Uncovering the Subtle Signs of Colorectal Cancer: Advice from an Oncologist


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Dr. Irina Skrukina, a surgical oncologist, said that colon and rectal cancer has unclear early symptoms.

The specialist notes that colon cancer is a serious disease, as cancer cells form in the mucous membrane. Therefore, abdominal cramps and regular pain can be early symptoms of this cancer. Diarrhea and occasional constipation can also be symptoms of the disease.

She says: “In addition, the presence of light or dark blood in the stool can indicate colon cancer. Because this disease causes bleeding in the colon.”

Another symptom is unjustified weight loss. This is because cancer cells use blood and nutrients to reproduce and grow. In addition, some of them release chemicals that speed up the metabolism, which subsequently leads to unjustified weight loss.

The specialist points out that loss of appetite can also be a sign of cancer. However, this is a sign that usually indicates the fourth stage of colon cancer, but recently it began to be seen in some patients earlier.

Based on his years of experience, the expert recommends that you see a doctor if you experience any anxiety, as there are times when symptoms do not appear in the early stages.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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