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Unforeseen Cause for the Decline of the United States Army Identified


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Moscow, April 4 – According to Fox News host Representative Michael Waltz, the transgender and racial ideology of the Biden administration, as well as the politicization of the military, are driving the US military into decline.
He added that according to the report of the Independent National Study Group on the state of the US armed forces and their combat readiness, the army did not implement its recruitment plan last year by 25 percent, and this year there is a 50 percent shortage. is expected. In addition, the people’s confidence in the armed forces has declined significantly.
According to the journalist, the decline in all indicators is due to “excessive politicization of the military leadership” and “increasing practice of astonishment,” that is, support for the colored population and representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation. As the author points out, Wuk’s ideology in the ranks of the military led to a decrease in physical training standards due to the orientation towards equality.

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Waltz said the Biden administration and its policies, which lead to the weakening of the military’s moral standards, are responsible for the decline of the US military. Moreover, the politicization of the army became the cause of the strengthening of the bureaucracy to “distract officials and employees from their real duties.”
The reporter concluded by noting that the Pentagon’s budget for the current year includes nearly 35 million dollars to fight conservative politics in the army, and pointed out that the United States has opponents and needs to fight them, and not adhere to “ridiculous demographic and ethnic quotas.”
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