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Unforeseen Effects of High Blood Pressure Unveiled by Doctor


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On the occasion of World Hypertension Day, which falls on May 17, cardiologist Dr. Irina Polyaeva revealed the unexpected consequences of this disease.

The specialist said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper: “High blood pressure is the most common disease in recent decades, so young people suffer from it. According to statistics, one third of the adult population of the world suffers from high blood pressure. pressure.”

According to her, high blood pressure is a condition characterized by arterial hypertension. One of the characteristics of this disease is the absence of symptoms or the disease in the initial stages, so most people do not feel any pathological changes in their body.

The doctor indicates that high blood pressure is caused not by one factor, but by a group of factors: genetic predisposition, the natural aging process, improper diet and overweight, lack of physical activity, chronic stress, alcohol and smoking, chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, kidney and endocrine diseases ).
She says: “If the disease is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to serious consequences. What is important is not the magnitude of high blood pressure, but the degree of its impact on important organs of the body. For example, kidneys. trauma can lead to chronic kidney failure, so an ultrasound scan is necessary.” Kidney ultrasound.

In addition, high blood pressure can damage the sensitive vessels in the eyes, causing blurred vision and even blindness.

She says: “The heart and brain are also targeted when blood pressure levels rise, as the damage they cause leads to myocardial infarction and stroke. conventional ECG, as well as echocardiography “heart”.

According to her, although there are no specific symptoms of this disease, in case of frequent headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, visual impairment, you should consult a doctor.
To avoid high blood pressure, the expert recommends reducing salt intake, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, eating more fruits and vegetables, and engaging in physical activity for at least half an hour a day 3-5 times a week.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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