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Unleashing Creativity: Zero Gravity Experience in Starfield with 10,000 Cartons of Milk


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Starfield Modding Community Creates Zero Gravity Experience with Cartons of Milk

The modding community has unleashed their creativity in Starfield by sharing a captivating video. In this video, the game’s protagonist navigates through space using weightlessness and interacts with a staggering number of 10,000 cartons of milk.

Bringing Zero Gravity to Starfield with Modding

This remarkable video was made possible through a mod developed specifically for the PC version of Bethesda’s new game. With this mod, players can soar through space like real astronauts, defying gravity with their own character.

Exploring Space in Starfield with Own Spaceship

It is important to note that in Starfield, players have the opportunity to explore the vastness of space aboard their own spaceship. Due to the lack of gravity, direct exploration with the character is not possible.

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An Amusing “Milky Way” Experience

The video has garnered attention for its comedic value, with users offering ironic comments on the abundance of milk. It presents a unique and humorous twist within the new Xbox exclusive game.

Starfield Exclusive to Xbox Series

Lastly, we want to emphasize that Starfield is exclusively available on Xbox Series. It promises an immersive space exploration experience that continues to capture the imagination of players.

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