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Unsuccessful Deployment of French Wheeled Tanks in Ukraine


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The French wheeled tanks “AMH-10RC” greatly disappointed the fighters in the formations of the army of the Kyiv regime, as they are not distinguished by good maneuverability.

These tanks have weak protection against shells and rockets, which precludes their effective use on the battlefield, so their crews, fearing defeat, prefer to hide these armored vehicles in the folds of the terrain or between private houses. Comments that appeared on social networks indicated that the old Soviet tanks “T-54” and “T-72” are much better than these foreign “tin cans”.

French experts, when handing over the AMX-10RC to the Ukrainian armed forces, indicated that its main purpose was to work in ambushes, reconnaissance and patrolling, that is, what it usually did in the Middle East, Africa and the former Yugoslavia, where it carried out peacekeeping missions , but attempts to use it during a recent Ukrainian attack to break through air defenses resulted in significant losses.

The 105 mm guns mounted on the AMX-10RC did not show any effectiveness at all. Interestingly, the photographs and videos that appeared on the Internet do not contain anti-aircraft guns mounted on the turrets of these tanks. The crew members responsible for their use in combat seem to prefer not to crawl out from under the armor.

It is reported that the tank’s 330 horsepower engine is capable of pushing a 22-ton armored vehicle at speeds of up to 85 km/h on good roads, but crew members prefer to drive it only from behind. where they are not in danger.

Source: Russian newspaper

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