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Unveiling the Secrets of Khufu’s Pyramid: Egypt Uncovers New Discovery


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President of Cairo University Muhammad Osman Elkhosht announced the discovery of the global Egyptian scientific discovery of the pyramids, as a new corridor was discovered on the north side of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Elkhosht explained that the global discovery is the result of 7 years of continuous work and the use of the latest scientific achievements in this field.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Hasht added that the team completed the research project and was accepted for international scientific publication in January 2023 in the major international scientific journals Nature and NTD&E, indicating that publication will take place after approval by the Archaeological Science Committee. headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egyptologist and former Minister of Antiquities.

He stated that the research team, in the course of their study and research project, has been tracking all the details related to global detection with the utmost precision, from the very beginning of the team’s work, using all modern technologies in cooperation with foreign partners, to completion and confirmation. detection, indicating that the research team first discovered the void in 2016 and then it was confirmed. The Great Pyramid, namely infrared methods, cosmic muon particle monitoring, ground penetrating radar, acoustic measurements, modeling and 3D digital architectural analysis.

Al-Khosht said the research team found the void to be a horizontal corridor with an approximate length of 9.5 meters and was located directly behind the north entrance truss, adding that it conducted a radar survey using ground penetrating radar devices at various frequencies. 200, 400 and 600 MHz, and the results showed the presence of the Strobe reflection region in the lower half of the truss and the boundaries of space and its relative position.

And he added that the research team scanned with UST ultrasound technology to check the truss area in the Khufu Pyramid, and this technology confirmed the presence of reflections consistent with other methods, in addition to combining measurement images and analyzing all line scans in two and three dimensions. , which led to the determination of the boundaries of the void, its shape and location with high accuracy, up to several centimeters.

The president of Cairo University stressed that the research team recommended making a small hole in the vertical divider in the lower half of the truss and inserting a telescope or small robot to explore and study the corridor and decide how to open it in the future.

He stressed that this important event can be globally used in the promotion of tourism through a press conference to announce a scientific discovery, provided that the date of the opening procedure for the installation of the robot is announced after the conference for a period of at least two months and live broadcast of the necessary opening process and introduction of the robot into a new corridor, in addition to creating a promotional short film about the event and the possibility of creating a documentary film about the important discovery from its inception to the present.

The president of the university thanked the Faculty of Engineering led by Dr. Hossam Abdel Fattah and the research team led by Dr. Hani Helal and all team members from the university.

Source: Cairo 24

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