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Upload Season 3: Returning Cast Members and Characters Revealed in Guide


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The Original Science Fiction Comedy Series Upload

The original science fiction comedy series Upload, produced by Greg Daniels of The Office and Parks and Recreation, was premised on Prime Video in 2020.

The Believability of Science Fiction in “Upload”

The science fiction shown in “Upload” doesn’t appear unbelievable compared to the astonishing and scary technological breakthroughs made in recent years. Most things have been converted into digital form; for example, self-driving automobiles cause extremely few, if any, accidents, and mobile phones may be held in the palm of your hand. The concept of a digital afterlife, central to the story of Upload, is one area where real-world technology has not yet made significant progress.

What to Expect in Season 3 of Upload

The third season of Upload will pick up with Nathan, Nora, and others fighting to end Freeyond before too much damage is done. In the meantime, Nathan has returned to the ranks of the living. At the end of the second season, Ingrid uploaded Nathan’s consciousness back into his body from the actual world. This was an exceedingly high-stakes gamble, and it has turned Nathan into a time bomb. Nathan and the others keep working toward their primary objective, and he and Nora work through the challenges of their new relationship. At the same time, the possibility of Nathan’s death looms over them. In Lakeview, a backup duplicate of Nathan was uploaded, which made things much more difficult for the honest Nathan but gave Ingrid another chance to reignite the romance she previously had with Nathan. In the meantime, Aleesha is climbing higher up the Horizen ladder, and Luke encounters new challenges now that he does not have the Nathan he is used to in Lakeview with him.

Guide to the Returning Cast Members

In preparation for the launch of Upload Season 3, which will take place on October 20, we have produced a guide that details the returning cast members and the characters they play in the series.

Robbie Amell as Nathan

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Nathan, the former programmer who serves as the series’ primary protagonist, is involved in a severe vehicle accident that leaves him critically ill. Shortly after the incident, he is uploaded to Lakeview, even though, as it turns out, his tragedy wasn’t an accident at all. As the audience follows Nathan on his trip, they see him becoming accustomed to the afterlife in Lakeview, where everything initially appears to be as bewildering as one might anticipate. With the help of his “angel,” Nora, Nathan adapts to Lakeview with Nora’s companionship, and he soon develops romantic feelings for her. Thanks to his “angel,” Nora. However, he is also deeply devoted to his fiancée, Ingrid, who will soon be his ex-girlfriend and is currently shooting the bill for Nathan’s afterlife. Even though Nathan eventually falls into a routine at Lakeview, he becomes aware of the malicious intent behind his murder. He subsequently learns that Oliver Kannerman, Ingrid’s father, was responsible for Nathan’s death and that Nathan was involved in a dirty business transaction. Nathan, with the assistance of Nora and other people, is untangling the tangled web that was his death. At the same time, he is learning about the conspiracy behind Freeyond, which adds one more thing to his list of things he needs to stop. Following an unexpected disclosure made by Ingrid, Nathan will soon be downloaded. This is both a positive and negative development; on the one hand, he will finally be able to be with Nora, but on the other, his head may explode at any time. In addition, there’s the whole situation involving the other Nathan, who lives in Lakeview. Before taking on the role of leader of Upload, Robbie Amell portrayed recurring and series-regular characters in several television shows, including The Flash, Life with Derek, Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, The Tomorrow People, and True Jackson, VP, among others. He has appeared as a guest in several programs, the most recent of which was The Witcher on Netflix, in which he played Gallatin. The films Float and Simulant are Amell’s most recent works in the film industry. In addition, he is recognized in the film Code 8 alongside his cousin Stephen Amell and in films such as Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and The DUFF, amongst others. Following that, you can look forward to seeing Amell in the upcoming sequel to Code 8, which does not yet have a release date.

Andy Allo as Nora

When the audience first meets Nora, she is employed by Horizen as an “angel,” which means she is a living handler for those who have uploaded their consciousness to Lakeview for the afterlife. As soon as she started working with Nathan, she and Nathan formed a close friendship almost immediately. On the other hand, this quickly gets Nora into trouble, including putting her life in danger as she and Nathan seek to figure out who killed her boyfriend. In the second season, Nora runs to a remote region, joining a community known as the Ludds. This community has a solid opposition to modern advancements like Lakeview. Therefore, after spending much time with the Ludds, Nora returns to Hoasole of a Mole. She works from the inside to gather intelligence and assist in preventing billionaires from inflicting harm, particularly with Freeyond. As a result of Nathan’s download, Nora and Nathan are finally in a position to be together. Nora will continue to work toward ending the activities of Kannerman, Choak, and Freeyond. Andy Allo appeared in the film Assassin opposite Bruce Willis earlier this year. She also provided her voice for the animated short film Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She has appeared as a recurring guest character on several television episodes, including Chicago Fire, Black Lightning, and The Game. Allo’s filmography includes roles in several notable films like Pitch Perfect 3, 2 Minutes of Fame, and Hacked.

Allegra Edwards as Ingrid

Nathan is supported financially in Lakeview by his ex-girlfriend, Ingrid Kannerman, who was previously his girlfriend. Ingrid is so determined to keep Nathan’s Love that she even uploads herself to the hereafter to be with him before she dies, even though she is already in the afterlife. In the end, Nathan and the viewers find out that Ingrid has been wearing a “hug suit” to live a virtual reality existence with Nathan. Nathan is not at all happy with her activities, and neither are the viewers. Despite this, Ingrid does not give up and instead uses the newly uploaded copy of Nathan as a second chance at finding Love. During this time, she is forced to deal with the nefarious deeds of her father while simultaneously attempting to remove herself from his misdeeds. Allegra Edwards is no stranger to the world of television, as she has previously starred in the United States of America television show Briarpatch opposite Rosario Dawson. She has appeared as a guest star on various television shows, such as Friends from College, Orange Is the New Black, The Mindy Project, and New Girl. When she is not working on television, Edwards can be seen in various films like “Sociable Ones.”

Kevin Bigley as Luke

Luke is Nathan’s self-proclaimed best buddy at Lakeview early on in the series because Luke doesn’t really have anybody else and quickly recognizes a similar spirit in Nathan. Luke doesn’t have anyone else. Nathan at first has some reservations about accepting the title, but as Luke continues to educate Nathan on the ins and outs of Lakeview, he eventually gives in and accepts it. Throughout the series, they find themselves in a few strange situations, including dangerously close to being trapped in the mysterious Grey Zone. Luke continues to stand at Nathan’s side despite everything happening. In Season 3, Luke will have a more excellent sense of loneliness because he has the Nathan he is familiar with and will be forced to accept a job in The Grey Zone to move to Lakeview. Aside from Upload, Kevin Bigley most recently appeared as a recurrent character named Rick Doyle in the original comedy series on FOX called Animal Control. Other projects that Bigley has worked on for television include American Dad!, Undone, and The Moodys. Undone is another sitcom that is available on Prime Video. Earlier in his career, he had starring roles in films such as Deborah, Rollers, and The Wretched.

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