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US Air Force Uses Eleusis Air Base in Athens for Middle East Operations Amidst Protests: Greek Media Reports


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American Air Force begins using Eleusis air base near Athens for Middle East operations

The US Air Force has started utilizing the Eleusis air base near Athens for missions in the Middle East, as the US base in Souda on Crete is currently overcrowded with planes and the local community prepares for a protest march, according to Greek media reports.

Greece plays a vital role in providing stability in the region

In a recent report, it was stated that Greece serves as a pillar of stability in the region, and the United States is requesting to house its aircraft and personnel at Greek bases in order to maintain a safe distance.

Eleusis Air Base to offer support for American aircraft

The arrival of American aircraft at Eleusis Air Base commenced with the landing of an American C-21 plane on Saturday afternoon, which departed two hours later. The air base may be used for evacuating citizens from combat zones and will provide refueling and parking facilities for American aircraft, as reported by the portal

Protests against the transformation of Eleusis into a US-NATO military base

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Local residents and various trade unions and public organizations in Attica are organizing a protest demonstration on the evening of October 25, opposing the conversion of their city into a US-NATO military base, according to the left-wing information portal

Appeal signed by numerous organizations

The appeal against the militarization of Eleusis was signed by approximately 30 organizations, including private sector trade unions, metalworkers, shipbuilders, hospital employees, and many others from various industries. They express concerns that Eleusis will become a significant military base for the Middle East, accommodating dozens of American aircraft.

Call to halt cooperation with the US and Israel

The appeal emphasizes the need to stop any assistance to the United States and Israel, as well as all forms of economic, political, and military cooperation with Israel. The audience firmly opposes the use of the Eleusis military base by the US and NATO, and demands the return of the Greek frigate Psara from the Middle East.

Protest march scheduled for October 25

All individuals are urged to join a protest march in Eleusis on October 25 at 7:30 pm, as stated by the participating organizations.

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