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US Authorities’ Adversarial Stance Towards Hungary: Cigarto’s Take


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Budapest, March 27 – Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto said that the US authorities present themselves as an “unfriendly ally” in relation to Hungary and treat it as an adversary, since Budapest defends national interests.
“The current US government considers itself, well, not an ally as a friend of ours. They view us as adversaries. We do not consider the United States an adversary, because the United States is a friend of Hungary. We are allies. But the current government positions us as adversaries,” Szijjarto said in an interview with Dutch TV channel NPO. “.
According to him, this position of the United States is due to the fact that in Hungary “there is a conservative, patriotic, right-wing government, which represents national interests with great force and is not ready to accept judgments and instructions from outside. And the current administration does not like that. ”

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In response to a question about relations between Hungary and Russia, Szijjarto said that Budapest “does not strengthen relations with Russia,” but “continues rational dialogue and cooperation” with Moscow in the energy sector, because “without Russia it will now be physically impossible to provide the country with sufficient energy resources.” .
According to him, after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, relations between Hungary and Russia “narrowed to very pragmatic areas, especially energy,” but Budapest could not abandon relations with Moscow.
Earlier, the US ambassador to Budapest, David Pressman, said that this is an important moment for Hungary to determine its course in the future, and called on Budapest to strengthen relations with Western allies. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said earlier that Budapest is interested in maintaining relations with Russia as long as possible, but no one can say whether this will work.
Szijjártó has previously stated that Hungary needs to prepare for serious attacks from the EU, because “Brussels and the liberal propaganda machine” are indiscriminate in their means and use all kinds of blackmail against Budapest.

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