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US Authorities Demand Nvidia to Immediately Stop Unlicensed Shipments of AI Chips to China: Report


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US Authorities Demand Nvidia to Halt Unlicensed Shipments of AI Chips to China

The Nikkei newspaper has reported that US authorities have instructed Nvidia to immediately cease unlicensed shipments of chips used in the development of artificial intelligence products to China.

Concerns Over Performance Limits and Data Center Operations

According to the newspaper, US authorities have requested the company to halt the supply of products that surpass the performance limits set by the US government and have the potential to operate data centers.

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Under the new regulations, Nvidia will no longer be able to provide these products to China without a license. However, there is uncertainty regarding the processing of license applications, as there is no guarantee of timely or successful approval.

Restricted Products and Potential Impact

The US government’s restrictions encompass the A800 and H800 chipsets, which Nvidia introduced to the Chinese market as substitutes for its A100 and H100 processors. The latter processors faced sanctions from the US in October 2022.

The newspaper speculates that the L40S GPU, publicly introduced in August, which is utilized in the development of generative artificial intelligence programs, may also be included in the restrictions.

Source: TASS

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