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US Military Equipment Arrives at Greek Port by Transport Ship


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ATHENS, March 5 – The US giant transport ship Liberty delivered military equipment to the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece, mentioned Port Chief Konstantinos Hadjemhill.
“We are starting operations to recycle military equipment/equipment for the US Army (US Forces Europe and Africa),” he wrote on his Twitter account, posting a picture of the ship.
The United States, under a new defense agreement with Greece, signed on October 14, 2021, received several new military bases at its disposal, including the port of Alexandroupolis and a military camp next to it. Alexandroupolis is used by the United States to transport military equipment and troops to Eastern Europe and Ukraine.
The Athens News Agency (AMNA) reported that the USS Liberty Pride, carrying military equipment for NATO forces stationed in southeastern Europe, arrived on Saturday. The gigantic ship (199.9 meters long, 32.26 meters wide, and 8.5 meters draft) anchored and began unloading military cargo, which will be transported by joint transportation to Bulgaria and Romania, where it will be deployed in the coming period against a military backdrop. And the conflicts in Ukraine, and two major NATO military exercises, Atlantic Resolve 23, and Defender Europe 23″.

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Liberty Pride arrived in Alexandroupolis from the US port of Charleston and will set sail in the middle of next week after loading supplies and equipment for NATO forces on the Black Sea coast. The agency stated that the US transport ship is at the forefront of the supply chain for the coalition forces in southeastern Europe, and this operation is expected to continue until the end of August.
As before, goods will be sent from Alexandroupolis Port by trains and trucks. The agency wrote that more than 200 US soldiers are stationed in Alexandroupolis to coordinate and monitor shipments, in cooperation with port authorities and the Greek army.
The portal writes that there are many Americans at other military bases in Greece, in particular Stefanovikio, but “Alexandroupolis is the center of presence of US and other NATO forces in the spring.” “In the coming days, monstrous transport ships are expected to arrive at the port of Alexandroupolis to unload military equipment, which will be transported to Northern Europe and NATO countries, all the way to the Baltic Sea and mainly to the countries bordering Russia. The port will be filled with attack helicopters, tanks and cannons. And missiles and multiple launch rocket systems, all that the latest military industries have to offer.”
“The Americans call Alexandroupolis ‘the Bay of Souda in the North’ (the Americans have their court base in Crete) for the simple reason that through it they can easily reach any part of Europe (bypassing the Dardanelles), transport arms, since the city has a railway network And wonderful roads, and, of course, its port. On duty crews arrive in Greece with their equipment for nine months in Europe, and then return to their homeland, “writes the portal.

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