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US officials impose restrictions on Biden’s use of oil reserves


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Yesterday, Friday, the US House of Representatives approved a bill restricting US President Joe Biden’s ability to use oil from the country’s strategic reserve.

According to the materials of the meeting, broadcast by the C-SPAN TV channel, 221 deputies supported the initiative, 205 voted against. The majority of votes were distributed according to party affiliation. Of course, the bill received the support of the Republicans, who currently have a majority in the House of Representatives.

According to the document, the US president has the right to release oil from the strategic reserve only if he allows companies to increase energy production. And we are talking about oil fields on land owned by the federal government. This procedure applies to cases that are not considered emergency.

Republicans believe that Biden resorted to releasing oil from the country’s strategic reserve for political reasons, in order to strengthen the position of the Democrats before the previous midterm elections to Congress.

Earlier, White House officials reported that Biden would use his veto power against the aforementioned bill if it was approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate. According to specialized media, the Democratic-controlled Senate is unlikely to approve this initiative.

Source: TASS

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