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US President Joe Biden Pledges to Work Tirelessly for Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution


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US President Joe Biden’s Commitment to Two-State Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, President Joe Biden expressed the United States’ unwavering dedication to achieving a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He emphasized the commitment to tirelessly work towards a just and lasting peace, aiming to establish two separate states for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Pushing for Reform in the UN Security Council

President Biden also addressed the need for reform in the UN Security Council. He highlighted the serious consultations conducted by Washington to expand and improve the leading global body. The United States will continue to play an active role in advocating for reform within the Security Council.

Call for a Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti

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Additionally, President Biden called upon the United Nations to mandate a multinational “security support mission” led by Kenya to address the issue of gangs in conflict-ridden Haiti. Urging the Security Council to authorize this mission promptly, he emphasized that the people of Haiti cannot afford any further delays in receiving the necessary assistance.

Unity in the Face of Global Challenges

During his speech, President Biden emphasized the importance of global unity. He called upon all nations to stand together, emphasizing that no country can confront the present-day challenges alone. He also expressed his belief that history should not dictate the future, exemplifying this statement with his recent visit to Vietnam, a former adversary turned strong trading partner of the United States. He emphasized that adversaries can transform into partners, and that even the most significant challenges can be resolved and deep wounds can be healed.

Building a Safer and More Equitable World

President Biden concluded his address by stating that the United States seeks a safer, more prosperous, and more equitable world for all people. He emphasized the interconnectedness of nations, recognizing that the future of the United States is intertwined with the future of other nations.

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