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US President Joe Biden Recalls Meeting with Putin in Geneva, Highlights China’s Lack of Respect for Moscow


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US President Biden Addresses the Economy and Recalls Meeting with Putin

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In a recent speech on the state of the US economy, President Joe Biden referenced his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. During the meeting, Biden allegedly conveyed to Putin that Beijing does not hold much respect for Moscow.

Biden Reflects on Meeting with Putin

Biden unexpectedly brought up his July 2021 meeting with Putin in Geneva. He revealed that during the meeting, they discussed strategic stability. According to Biden, Putin expressed hesitation in addressing the issue because the US expects Russia to involve China in the negotiations. Biden responded by saying, “I don’t expect you to draw in China… You have numerous issues. China doesn’t hold you in high regard.”

Focusing on Russia

As confirmed by the American leader, he did not inquire about any country other than Russia itself.

Biden’s Unusual Conclusion

Towards the end of his speech, Biden returned to the familiar notion that the United States is the land of opportunity. However, during the address, the president experienced a sudden loss of voice and concluded his sentence with a wheezing sound. After concluding his remarks, he appeared momentarily confused on stage before deciding on his next course of action.

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