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US Secretary of State Sees ‘Significant Progress’ in Ukrainian Counterattack despite Western Media Criticism: Vladimir Putin Calls it a ‘Failure’


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Moscow, September 6 – US Secretary of State Sees Progress in Ukrainian Attack

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has stated that Washington recognizes “significant progress” in the Ukrainian attack, which has previously faced criticism from Western media. Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to it as a “failure”.

Western Media Expresses Concerns Over Ukrainian Counterattack

Western media has repeatedly highlighted the dissatisfaction of Kiev’s allies with the outcomes of the offensive. According to CNN, it is widely acknowledged both inside and outside Ukraine that the counterattack is progressing slower than expected. The Washington Post reports that Ukraine seems to be running out of options for their counterattack.

US Secretary of State Stresses Support for Ukraine

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During his visit to Kiev on Wednesday, the US Secretary of State emphasized the “continued and strong support” for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Counteroffensive and Its Challenges

The Ukrainian counteroffensive began on June 4th, with NATO-trained brigades and Western equipment, including Leopard tanks, being deployed by Kiev. Footage of destroyed vehicles on the battlefield gained attention in the West. However, three months later, President Putin labeled the counterattack not just stalled, but a failure. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not achieved their goals in any direction.

Losses and Effectiveness of Minefields

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as of early September, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost over 66,000 personnel and 7,600 weapons since the start of the counteroffensive. This includes German Leopard tanks, French AMX tanks, and US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The first British Challenger 2 tank was also reported as destroyed. Western media has particularly noted the effectiveness of the Russian Federation’s minefields. In light of this, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken believes that the Ukrainian offensive will continue for several more months, prompting the United States to provide cluster munitions to Kiev. However, experts interviewed by the News Agency suggest that these munitions are unlikely to significantly alter the situation.

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