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Users on Personal Computers Can Now Access the Unreal Editor Thanks to Fortnite


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Epic Games has stated that Fortnite’s Unreal Editor (UEFN) is now available to access on PC. The announcement was made during a major unveiling at GDC 2023. Fortnite Creativity has been a fertile field for creating player-made structures for many years. But, the UEFN goes things a thousand times further by providing skilled artists with a toolbox that can be used to develop nearly anything.

Users on Personal Computers Can Now Access the Unreal Editor Thanks to Fortnite_

The Unreal Editor for Fortnite is now accessible on Windows. Some publications have already suggested that it may be on its way to becoming a competitor to Roblox regarding the total potential for creative expression. The sheer potential of UEFN was demonstrated to an audience anticipating the presentation for thirty seconds, and the presentation surely did look spectacular.

The Unreal Editor for Fortnite Is Finished and Ready to Go

The UEFN is now available as an official add-on to Fortnite. It may be downloaded and utilized without cost, provided you play the game on a personal computer (PC). It is important to note, however, that the Unreal Editor in Fortnite is not intended for users who are either technically unskilled or emotionally fragile. This application is intense, detailed, and sophisticated, and it can swiftly overwhelm users with little prior training.

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The following is a concise demonstration of the capabilities offered by the UEFN:

Recently, we published an article discussing the rumor that brand-new creator economic mechanics will be added to the Fortnite ecosystem. A few screenshots uploaded on Twitter shed light on Epic Games’ plans to enable content creators to earn money based on the level of player engagement generated by their unique works.

Users on Personal Computers Can Now Access the Unreal Editor Thanks to Fortn ite_

Epic Software elaborated on this, and during the State of Unreal keynote speech at GDC 2023, the developer announced that forty percent of the Item Shop’s net revenue would be transferred into an ‘engagement pool.’ The creators who have invested the time and effort into building bespoke islands will be eligible for regular payouts, which will be apportioned depending on the level of engagement those artists secure.

Fans of the Fortnite ecosystem only have a little more to ask for with the release of UEFN and the brand-new Creator Economy 2.0 platform.

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