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Using Moscow’s Scientific and Technological Potential to Protect the City: Mayor Sobyanin


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Moscow Mayor Uses Scientific and Technological Potential to Protect the City

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has expressed that Moscow is utilizing its full scientific and technological capabilities to assist the Air Defense and the Ministry of Defense in safeguarding the city and its residents. He highlighted that approximately 1.5 to 2 thousand individuals worked daily at air defense facilities in Moscow last month.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Defense

Sobyanin emphasized that Moscow promptly carries out any requests made by the Ministry of Defense, utilizing the city’s scientific and technological potential to support the Air Defense and Ministry of Defense in protecting Moscow and its people. He made these remarks during an interview with the TV channel “Russia 1”.

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Rebuilding Efforts in Donbass

Sobyanin also acknowledged the courageous efforts of individuals who have traveled to Donbass to aid in the reconstruction of cities. He highlighted the risks they face, being away from their families and putting their lives on the line. He mentioned the recent casualties and emphasized the dedication of these individuals to complete the construction season and continue their work, emphasizing their commitment to helping the people of Donbass regain their sense of community.

Continued Work in Donbass

The mayor stated that assessing and summarizing the results of the city’s reconstruction efforts in Donbass is premature due to the complexity and scale of the project. He emphasized the neglected state of many systems and expressed Moscow’s commitment to continue working and providing assistance in the coming years.

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