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Utilizing Air Grenade Launcher to Achieve Success in Special Military Operation


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One of the Russian soldiers told Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the modern Tuman pneumatic grenade launcher, which is used by the Russian army to storm enemy positions in cities.

He said that this weapon, which weighs only 5 kilograms, can throw high-explosive “fog” grenades and other 43 mm caliber grenades, adding that this type of grenade launcher has shown its high efficiency in close combat.

He said that the grenade launcher magazine holds 3 Fog rounds, and in addition, an additional bomb can be inserted into its barrel to be ready to fire.

The grenade launcher is used to storm buildings, releasing 4 bombs at once. This effective weapon throws its bombs up to 600 meters and can use several types of bombs, including high-explosive ones. He can aim at the windows of buildings from a short distance. The soldier said that the enemy can be neutralized even if the distance between you and him is 6 meters.

In addition, this light weapon can use GM-94 high-explosive fragmentation ammunition to fight light armored vehicles, for example, it can destroy BTR-70 or BTR-80 armored personnel carriers. He can also use disturbing flashbang grenades, which do not kill the armed man, but rather incapacitate him for a short time.

Source: Russian newspaper

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