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Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0: New Stage, Character, Weapons, Relics, and Bug Fixes


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A new update has been released for Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

New Stage


  • Unlocked by picking up 20 Orologions

  • Enemies move slowly and take bonus damage from fire weapons

  • It’s intended to be an early-game stage, so it’s a lot easier than other bonus stages like Tiny Bridge or Astral Stair

New Character

She-Moon Eeta

  • Unlocked by surviving 20 minutes in Whiteout

  • Starts with Glass Fandango

  • Defensive character with increased Armor & Mov Speed

  • When she falls below 25% HP, she freezes all enemies for 10 seconds

New Weapons

Glass Fandango

  • Starting item of She-Moon Eeta

  • Attacks faster in the faced direction when moving

  • Deals extra damage to frozen enemies

  • Gains extra Area during the time-freezing effect of Orologion

  • Evolves with maxed Wings

Celestial Voulge

  • Evolved version of Glass Fandango (requires maxed Wings)

  • Has a chance to deal critical hits to frozen enemies

  • Changes how Orologions work: Enemies appear frozen and deal no damage as usual, but keep moving towards the player. Deals continuous damage.

Profusione D’Amore

  • Evolved version of Celestial Dusting (requires the Chaos Altemanna relic)

  • It still shoots flowers, but also shoots floating leaves that occasionally bloom into a chain-reaction of explosions

New Relics


  • Unlocked by finding it in Whiteout

  • It allows you to buy the “Defang” power-up

  • Each rank of “Defang” gives a +3% chance for enemies to spawn without being able to deal any damage

Chaos Altemanna

  • Unlocked by finding it in Tiny Bridge

  • It allows O’Sole Meeo to transform when he reaches Lv.80

  • The transformation works the same as with Mortaccio & Cavallo. A few stat boosts, and his main weapon evolves (see Profusione D’Amore)

Tweaks & Bugfixes

  • Fixed weapon spacing in arcanas list to accommodate new weapons.

  • Fixed Je-ne-viv world eater logic causing slowdown.

  • Fixed bought character’s in secrets menu.

  • Fixed revive animation not being scaled correctly.

  • Fixed issue with Je-ne-viv crashing Il Molise.

  • Fixed quit button audio cutoff.

  • Fixed bestiary enemies scaling up and down incorrectly.

  • Fixed resolution dropdrop displaying incorrect resolution.

  • Fixed Cosmic Egg display in Bestiary.

  • Fixed World Eater crashing with lots of eggs.

  • Fixed Trinacria in Bestiary.

  • Fixed Bestiary Information cutoff/display issues.

  • Fixed incorrect No Future particles.

  • Fixed Hellfire projectile rotation on bounce.

  • Fixed Goshadokuro losing it’s head in the Bestiary.

  • Fixed Directer fight inconsistencies vs old engine.

  • Updated pickup logic to better match old-engine behaviour.

  • Minor optimisation on damage number display.

  • Removed incorrect screen flash on Gorgeous Moon.

  • Removed various flashes if Flashing VFX is disabled.

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