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Venture Capitalist Kristin Ager-Hansen Departs nChain, Citing Conspiracy to Defraud Shareholders


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Venture Capitalist Kristin Ager-Hansen Departs from nChain, Citing Shareholder Fraud Conspiracy

Venture capitalist Kristin Ager-Hansen has announced his departure from nChain, a Web 3 solutions provider. Ager-Hansen claims there is a conspiracy to defraud nChain shareholders, which led him to step down as CEO with immediate effect.

The Allegations and Doubts

In a social media post, Ager-Hansen accused an unnamed major shareholder of orchestrating the conspiracy. He also expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the DW Discovery Fund, a licensed open-ended fund specializing in disruptive technology.

Furthermore, Ager-Hansen cast doubt on Australian businessman Craig Wright’s claim to be the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Loss of Support for Wright

Ager-Hansen previously believed Wright’s claims and even showed support in a 2022 post. However, he now claims to be convinced that Wright is not Satoshi. Ager-Hansen cited evidence of doctored documents presented in court to back his claim.

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Board’s Inaction and Consequences

Ager-Hansen expressed sympathy for nChain employees but stated that he could no longer stay with the company. He accused the board of directors of ignoring his accusations and recommendation to remove Wright.

Impact on Wright’s Controversial Claims

Ager-Hansen’s allegations of document tampering add to the ongoing controversy surrounding Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency industry experts have long questioned Wright’s legitimacy, and these new claims may further fuel doubt.

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