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Vigor Patch Notes 1.20 Update Today on April 05, 2023


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A new update has been released for Like a Vigor Update 1.20. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Vigor Update 1.20 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

  • Chronicles: Reckoning Battle Pass is here!
  • Experience Myren, our new Shootout map
  • The new deadly M4A1 shatters the battlefield
  • Use the Bear Trap to decimate your enemy’s stamina
  • Owned weapon skins are now displayed in Shootout and Elimination
  • Map-specific Loadouts for Shootout
  • Vote kick system added to Elimination
  • The revamped Frozen Armageddon pack has arrived
  • The Last King of DayZ pack has been revamped
  • If you want to hear about the features & additions feel free to watch the Dev Diary!

Encounters, Shooting, Weapons, Tools, and Looting

  • Fixed: Issues that removed items and even airdrop from dead bodies.
  • Fixed: A rare issue in Encounters causing radiations to kill a player in an exit area.
  • Fixed: Bugs that enabled aim assist on friendly characters.
  • Changed: Phone duel no longer ends with victory if you don’t kill your duel opponent.
  • Changed: Blood will appear also with damage done by tools and explosives.
  • Changed: Latest aiming mode preference (1PV and 3PV) is now stored on the weapon instead of the character.
  • Tweaked: Improved amount of loot found in looting sources across maps.
  • Added: 7 new lore Cassettes that can be collected from Loot Events in Encounters.

Shelter, Battle Pass, Legacy Season Battle Pass

  • Added: Main iteration of the new Featured Store & Daily Challenges widget.
  • Changed: Text describing the Reset button in the Game Menu, so it’s more clear what the button actually resets.
  • Changed: Wind Turbine level also decreases price for Instant Build in addition to reducing building time.
  • Changed: Water Distillation level also decreases price for Instant Craft in addition to reducing crafting time.


  • Fixed: Description of The Trickster, Gadget master and MacFiver challenge.
  • Fixed: Localization of the text informing players about completion of the Seasonal challenges.
  • Fixed: Challenges “Undying” (Survive 3 consecutive Encounters) and “Mine, mine, mine!” (Retrieve 3 airdrops in a row) are now correctly counting conditions in a row.

Elimination & Shootout

  • Fixed: Tomato/Snowball fight minimap to better represent the actual playable area (same maps as in Elimination/Shootout)
  • Fixed: Total crowns count in Elimination loadout picker not removing proper prices for the crown instant lock break during events with discounted boosters.
  • Added: M4A1 added to elimination loadouts.

Audio and Visuals

  • Fixed: Issue with some interaction animations getting stuck.
  • Fixed: Reset button in the Game Menu properly sets the options to the default values.
  • Fixed: Second body in the tutorial is no longer clipping on Switch.
  • Added: Visualization of XP boost gained for game modes other than Encounters.
  • Added: Performance Mode on Xbox Series X.
  • Added: 4K icons for supported hardware.
  • Fixed: Better textures for M4A1 Assault Rifle.
  • Fixed: Hue adjustments for the Headhunter Battle Pass Uniform.
  • Fixed: Updated Game Guide.
  • Fixed: Minor clipping on cosmetic models.
  • Fixed: Missing crane model on Kjerstin.
  • Fixed: Missing card textures on lootboxes for Berry M12.
  • Fixed: Missing localization strings.
  • Fixed: Players getting stuck in the animation while inspecting the cassettes.
  • Fixed: Issue where multiple consumables could be placed on top of each other.
  • Fixed: Issue where ammunition disappears during reload.
  • Fixed: Issue that removed items and airdrop from dead bodies.
  • Fixed: Issue where dotted crosshair reveals characters behind walls.
  • Fixed: Players now cannot use consumables while climbing a ladder.
  • Fixed: Weapon Skins not being visible in the Equip tab.
  • Added: New assets in cosmetic store.
  • Added: Higher quality UI icons.
  • Changed: Reduced input latency on Switch.
  • Changed: Rebalancing of all crates.
  • Tweaked: Weapons and Consumables from past Updates added to General Loot in Encounters.
  • Tweaked: Performance improvement on Myren Shootout map.
  • Fixed: Players can now equip the Tomato Pattern skin for the Berry M12
  • Fixed: Missing card textures and descriptions for crates
  • Fixed: Issues creating material surplus when crafting and deconstructing mortar strikes
  • Fixed: Issue where picking a loadout in Elimination could be sometimes skipped
  • Added: Enhanced functionality on the Vote Kick system to target AFK players specifically – a quick time event where players can prove they are not AFK and remain in the game
  • Changed: The name of the PS Plus bundle on the What’s New screen to reflect the actual name

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