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Volunteers from Sweden joined Sudoplatov’s battalion


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Moscow, January 25 – Acting Governor Yevgeny Paletsky said that volunteers from Sweden joined Sudoplatov’s battalion in the Zaporozhye region.
As mentioned earlier, volunteers from Serbia have already joined the ranks of the detachment, who are undergoing combat training alongside Russian fighters.
“The battalion was created for the most part from our compatriots, from the Zaporozhye region. These are the people who, under the Ukrainian regime, were forced to hide and remain silent just to save their lives. We also have Serbs,” Paletsky said on the air of Russia 24 TV channel. But this is not one or two people, these are groups of people who come. We also have Swedes.” According to him, the battalion is now subject to combat coordination, but one of the companies is already on the line of contact.

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Sudoplatov’s battalion was created in September on the initiative of Paletsky. His son, Alexander, also joined the ranks of the Volunteers. All of them are equipped with the necessary equipment at the expense of the area. In mid-October, the battalion began combat coordination at the training ground. More than 600 people joined the detachment.
The famous Soviet counterintelligence officer Pavel Sudoplatov, a native of Melitopol, is known for his heroic struggle against the Bandera nationalists.

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