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Vucic said that Serbia was left without allies in the West


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Belgrade, February 2 – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia, which adheres to military neutrality, was left without allies in the West due to the conflict in Ukraine and refused to support sanctions against Russia, as it is surrounded by NATO countries.
Thursday morning began a special session of the Assembly (parliament), whose task is only to consider a report “On the negotiation process with temporary structures in Pristina from September 1 to January 15, 2022.” The head of state speaks first in front of the deputies. He pointed out that the militarily neutral Serbia is surrounded by NATO member states or countries in which there is a NATO unit or mission, as is the case in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“You cannot act alone in the modern world. When we had the greatest losses and wars, we had allies. Now no one looks at us as an ally because of the armed conflict in Ukraine and the fact that Serbia, guided by its responsibility, did not impose sanctions on the Russian Federation,” Vucic told parliamentarians.

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Earlier, he indicated that Serbia should make political decisions on its own, and not at the behest of the United States, Russia or the European Union. The Serbian leader noted that the crisis in Ukraine is developing into a kind of third world war, which will become larger and more difficult in the coming period.
According to him, world powers can now allow small countries as much political freedom as they wish, “as well as space to breathe, live and make decisions.” As an example, Vucic cited his participation in the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Albania in the fall, where he said he is under public pressure because Belgrade does not support Western sanctions against Moscow.

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