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Warframe Update 2.24: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes – Download Now on PC!


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Warframe Update 2.24 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Warframe, make sure to update to version 2.24 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.


  • A teleport portal will now appear after selecting a Bounty in the Sanctum Anatomica that will take you directly to the mission start waypoint (similarly to the Zariman Bounties).

Heart Of Deimos Quest Changes: 
Seeing as Heart of Deimos is a requirement to unlock the Whispers in the Walls Quest, the following changes have been made to make it more newer player-friendly.

  • “Locate Father Within the Cambion Drift” Stage:
    • Reduced the number of Jugulus that spawn after the Necramech’s final stand.
  • “Exocrine Expedition” Stage:
    • Reduced the number of Jugulus that spawn with the Infested enemies that must be cleared outside of the Necralisk.
    • Reduced the amount of Infested enemies needing to be cleared outside of the Necralisk.
    • Added the Gear Wheel binding callout to the “Equip Fishing Spear” prompt to better direct players on how they can do so.


  • Adjusted push volume on Necraloid in the Whispers in the Walls Quest so that players can get closer to him. Taking notes from Simaris, I see.
  • Made improvements to the background placement for in-game Market purchase screens.
  • Murmur Sarcophages will now display their name when hovered over with the reticle to help players identify them better!
  • Added markers to the rewards dropped from defeating the Mocking/Scathing Whispers and The Fragmented Trio.
  • Added Summon Necramech consoles to additional tiles in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset.
  • Primed Redirection can now be Chat linked!
  • Made improvements to performance in Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset by turning off destruction effects for items that are out of view.
  • Renamed “Duviri Slipper Chair” Dojo decoration to “Duviri Senate Chair”, and updated the description to match.
  • Reduced the flare size of Mandonel’s charged projectile VFX.
  • Made adjustments to the Rogue Culverin’s recovery animations.
  • Made adjustments to the Lumbering Fragment’s animations.
  • Updated Rogue Culverin sound effects timing to better match animation.

Netracells Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Netracell enemy levels by +30 to bump up the difficulty slightly.
  • Fixed Netracells having Steel Path modifiers applied if the player’s Star Chart was set to Steel Path. It is intended that there is no Netracell Steel Path variant.
  • Added additional movement sound effects to the Necramite Drones.
  • Further fixes towards Necramites not having the intended blue pulsing effects in Netracell missions.
  • Fixes towards a crash related to Netracells.
  • (Missed note from last Hotfix) Fixed being able to clip through the map as Titania Razorwing to enter the Netracell.


  • Fixed the Secondary Critical Chance embed bonus from Topaz Archon Shards not working. It seems the fix didn’t take! We’re looking into why this bug is still occurring to hopefully resolve in the next Hotfix.
    • We are also aware of and looking into the issue of the Tauforged version using the default 50% buff instead of the intended 75%.
  • Fixed receiving a defective blank Riven (no stats or compatibility) after activating a stackable Riven and then immediately using a Riven Cipher on it or sometimes after returning to your Orbiter after completing the unlock challenge.
    • Any existing “blank” Riven Mods you had before this hotfix should resolve themselves to their intended state on login or mission completion.
  • Fixed various levels of function loss when casting Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar or Containment Wall in a nullifier field.
  • Fixed inventory counts not updating immediately after fusing Archon Shards with Coalescent Fusion.
  • Fixed Melee Exposure counting Transference as an Ability cast.
    • Similarly to Arcane Power Ramp, the Arcane requires an ability be cast (Energy consumed) in order to trigger the Corrosive Damage buff on Melee strikes.
  • Fixed being unable to progress in the Rising Tide Quest after purchasing the New War Firepower Pack or a Railjack from the in-game Market before the “Inspect the Reliquary Drive” stage.
  • Fixed Loki’s Irradiating Disarm causing several issues to the Fragmented enemies in the Whispers in the Walls Quest and the Effervo, Deimos mission.
  • Fixed revives being reverted after Host Migration in a secret mission variant where they are disabled.
  • Fixed boss in secret mission variant being named incorrectly for Clients after Host Migration.
  • Fixed the amount of Vosfor received from dissolving Arcane Momentum being lower than intended.
  • Fixed Magus Aggress’ description stating “Critical Chance” instead of “Critical Damage” as intended to the Arcane’s function since launch. Now reads:
    • “On Warframe Melee Transference: Heavy Blades deal +300% Critical Damage for 4 consecutive attacks. Cooldown 20.”
  • Fixed Whispers in the Walls Quest tileset elements appearing in regular Albrecht Laboratories missions.
  • Fixed Amps appearing in a Whispers in the Walls Quest cinematic.
  • Fixed a certain gate in the Whispers in the Walls Quest opening too early and also not playing sound when it does.
  • Fixed Mocking/Scathing Whispers being killed immediately upon spawning the Fragmented Trio on Effervo (Deimos).
  • Fixed Mocking/Scathing Whispers getting stuck in some of their ability casts, causing them to be invincible and unmoving.
  • Fixes towards the doors to Albrecht’s Laboratories not opening after beginning Bounty/Mission from the Sanctum Anatomica.
  • Fixed being unable to pull in Murmur enemies with Sevagoth’s Shadow’s Embrace.
  • Fixed an unintended teleport volume in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset.
  • Fixed Albrecht’s hands missing texture in the intro sequence of the Whispers in the Walls Quest cinematic.
  • Fixed Velocitus Heavy Gun charged projectiles not being detected as hits if they were too close to terrain.
  • Fixed a script error in Stage 1 of the Whispers in the Walls Quest.
  • Fixed being able to skip the extraction cinematic in Albrecht’s Laboratories missions.
  • Fixed Albrecht’s Laboratories nodes on the Star Chart being able to matchmake into Bounty variants of those missions.
  • Fixed player Necramechs not regenerating Shields.
  • Fixed Rogue Necramechs in Albrecht’s Laboratories not having their intended Machinery health resistances.
  • Fixed Rogue Necramechs missing their recovery animations after being ragdolled.
  • Fixed Violet Archon Shard’s “+% primary electric damage” stat not updating if multiple of these Shard effects were imbued in a Warframe.
  • Fixed Qorvex’s Disometric Guard not scaling with rank.
    • With this change, we did not increase the Ability’s stats at Rank 30, instead we have reduced the stats at lower ranks to match scaling with other Warframe Abilities.
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck in the first stage of the Whispers in the Walls Quest.
  • Fixed a script error related to Murmur spawners.
  • Fixed enemies unintentionally appearing in a Whispers in the Walls cinematic.
  • Fixed Velocitus Heavy Gun charged projectiles not being detected as hits if they were too close to terrain.
  • Fixed Jarka’s Ignis floating in the Drifter Camp.
  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk not targeting The Fragmented Trio.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Frost’s Freeze.
  • Fixed a hole in the Mirror Defense, Munio tileset.
  • Fixed a script error in the final stages of the Whispers in the Walls Quest.
  • Fixed a crash related to Mocking/Scathing Whispers.
  • Fixed a script error with The Fragmented Trio.
  • (Missed note from last Hotfix) Fixed a rare crash going from hub to Open Zone.

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