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Warframe Update 2.25: Cross Platform Save Fixes, Bug Fixes, and Patch Notes


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Warframe Update 2.25 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Warframe, make sure to update to version 2.25 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Warframe Update 2.25 – Cross Platform Save Fixes

This update focuses on fixing various issues related to cross-platform save functionality in Warframe. Below are the detailed fixes for each issue:

1. Progression Issues with Primary Account Selection:

  • Fixed a rare bug where selecting an account that has not completed Vor’s Prize as your primary account during the merging process would cause progression issues for the merged account. This fix ensures that all accounts, regardless of their completion status for Vor’s Prize, can be merged without any problems.

2. Clan Membership Issue:

  • Fixed a rare case where merged PC and Console accounts that were in the same clan would no longer be a member of it in the merged account. This fix ensures that clan membership remains intact after the merging process. If you have experienced this issue and need assistance in returning to your clan, you can submit a ticket to

3. TennoGen Purchase Assignment Issue:

  • Fixed a rare case where TennoGen purchases made via the Steam Workshop would be incorrectly locked to a player’s console account instead of their PC account, as intended, if the player was logged in on console at the time of purchase. We are currently working on a script to correct this issue for affected players.

4. Companion Incubation Progression Issue:

  • Fixed an issue where Companion Incubation would not progress after merging two accounts that both had an active companion. Moving forward, new merges will automatically move those companions into stasis to avoid this issue. If you have experienced this issue and need assistance in regaining access to your companions, you can submit a ticket to


1. Violet Archon Shard Embed Bonus:

  • Changed the Violet Archon Shard embed bonus that affects health/energy pickups to function similarly to the Equilibrium Mod. Previously, players could only pick up health/energy orbs if they were missing health/energy. With this change, players can now pick up health/energy orbs if one is full but the other is not, in order to apply the bonus.

2. Topaz Archon Shard Embed Bonus Change:

  • Changed the “Regenerate Shields when you inflict an enemy with Blast Status” Topaz Archon Shard embed bonus to no longer apply when Shield Gate is triggered. Previously, players could gain an unintended degree of invulnerability by repeatedly triggering Shield Gate. This change now disables Shield recharge when Shield Gate is triggered, similar to Caliban’s Lethal Progeny ability.

3. Effervo Boss Fight Requirement Change:

  • Changed the required number of players needed to start the Effervo boss fight from all squad members to half. This change addresses feedback that the boss fight could take a long time to start if players were collecting resources instead of moving to the boss zone. Players outside of the zone will now be automatically teleported into the arena once activated.

4. Pangolin Prime’s Slam Attack Change:

  • Changed Pangolin Prime’s slam attack to match its base version by applying a forced slash status effect and changing the damage type from impact to puncture.

5. Circuit Reward Screen Change:

  • Replaced the “Skip” button in the circuit reward screen with a “Continue” option if multiple rewards are available. This change aims to prevent players from skipping rewards without viewing them and now shows the next reward in the sequence.

6. Arcanes Offerings Display Change:

  • Arcanes offered by vendors are now displayed as unranked. Additionally, hovering over an arcane will now display both its unranked and max rank stats. This change is to prevent players from mistakenly thinking they are buying a fully ranked arcane.

7. Default Mod Config for Grimoire:

  • Added a default mod config option for the Grimoire in Teshin’s Cave options, allowing players to set a default mod configuration.

8. Mandonel’s Orb Animation Change:

  • Mandonel’s orb will now spin faster during reload for added visual flair.

9. Nightwave Act Description Change:

  • Removed mention of Syndicate Sigils in the “Loyalty” Nightwave Act’s tip description, as they are no longer required with the Pledge system to gain Standing.


1. Server-side Database Performance Optimization:

  • Made small optimizations to server-side database performance to improve overall game performance.

Albrecht’s Laboratories/Sanctum Anatomica Changes & Fixes:

  • This section focuses on changes and fixes specifically related to Albrecht’s Laboratories and Sanctum Anatomica. Below are the detailed changes and fixes:

1. Improved Enemy Spawn Rates:

  • Improved spawn rates of The Anatomizer and The Severed Warden enemies in Alchemy Bounties. This change particularly addresses the issue of being unable to complete the “Kill X Flying Enemies” Bounty Challenge.

2. Eidolon Lens Blueprint Reward Fix:

  • Fixed individual Focus School Eidolon Lens Blueprints being rewarded in Rotation C of the Survival, Persto mission instead of the intended Eidolon Lens Blueprint. Each individual Lens Blueprint had a drop rate of 10% for each type, so the drop tables have been adjusted to compensate for this change.

3. Rogue Voidrig Spawn Fix:

  • Fixed cases where Rogue Voidrigs would not spawn or be marked on the map. This fix also re-enables the “Kill 2 Rogue Voidrigs” Bounty Challenge, which was previously disabled due to the above issue.

4. Rogue Culverin Animation and Teleportation Fixes:

  • Fixed a case where Rogue Voidrigs would suddenly teleport to a different location after being spawned by a Rogue Culverin. Additionally, fixed Rogue Culverins’ animations popping while spawning a Rogue Voidrig.

5. Necramite Drone Search Radius Fix:

  • Fixed the map search radius for Necramite Drones not appearing in Netracell missions, including the Whispers in the Walls quest stage.

6. Reward Container Entry Fix:

  • Fixed reward containers in the Netracells having different Codex entries.

7. Murmur Sarcophages Bounty Challenge Fix:

  • Fixed breaking a Murmur Sarcophages counting as more than one towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Bounty challenge.

8. Necramech Summon Terminal Hitch Fix:

  • Fixed hitches occurring after hacking a Necramech summon terminal.

9. Maximum Vitreums Activation Fix:

  • Fixed the maximum number of Vitreums that can be activated simultaneously in the Assassination, Effervo mission not scaling based on squad size.

10. Vitreum Active Indication Fix:

  • Fixed damage type icons appearing next to the “Vitreum Seeking” UI in the Assassination, Effervo mission instead of indicating which Vitreum is active and where.

11. Murmur Eyes Despawn Fix:

  • Fixed Murmur Eyes not despawning after its timer has run out in the Assassination, Effervo mission.

12. Furniture Destruction Animation Fix:

  • Improved the accuracy of the direction in which broken furniture pieces will fly out when destroyed.

13. Character Color Customization Fix:

  • Fixed certain character color customizations not appearing in their transmissions and loss of UI functionality in the certain character color customizations screen after saving.

14. Cavia Rank Up Diorama Fix:

  • Fixed the Cavia rank up dioramas being obfuscated by Vendor UI if you interacted with them before it appeared.

15. Operator Equipment Functionality Fix:

  • Fixed opening Operator Equipment in the Sanctum Anatomica in the “Back to the Future” stage of the Whispers in the Walls Quest

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