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Ways to reduce the impact of weather changes on the body


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Cardiologist Natalya Gavrilova said that in order to reduce the impact of weather fluctuations on the body, one should not overdo it with physical activity, reduce caffeine intake and drink more water.

The specialist notes that a sign of the impact of weather fluctuations is poor health. This symptom is usually felt by people suffering from chronic diseases of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, respiratory organs and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

And he adds, explaining: The symptoms of these diseases can intensify with a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, a change in temperature, an overcast sky, a change in air humidity.

According to her, the symptoms of weather change include headache, weakness, malaise, high or low blood pressure, apathy. And he emphasizes that these symptoms are a normal reaction to a change in the weather in most people who do not suffer from chronic diseases.

When these symptoms appear, the specialist advises not to overwork, reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks and drink plenty of water. And in case of low blood pressure, you can take a contrast bath. And with an increase in atmospheric pressure, you can take sedative medicines, tea with mint or chamomile, reduce salt intake.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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