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What are the distinguishing features of Saudi Arabia’s inaugural electric autonomous vehicle?


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Rumaih Al Rumai, Deputy Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia, revealed the technical specifications of the first Saudi electric self-driving car.

After the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transport opened the autonomous vehicle experiment, Rumaih al-Rumaih explained that the experiment is part of an initiative to introduce modern transportation methods, through which the ministry seeks to benefit from appropriate technologies in the logistics services sector. , which is one of the goals of the national transport strategy, which includes the following: Extrapolation of the future and provision of solutions for smart mobility.

This initiative contributes to reducing the rate of traffic accidents and deaths, improving mobility between and within cities, and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Al Romaikh said the car has benefited from adopting the latest types of technologies such as energy saving, various sustainability systems and charging outlets, in addition to applying the concept of flexible transportation by providing pedestrian-friendly paths and environmentally friendly vehicles. facilities and facilitate access by linking their communities to various forms of public and private transport.

And he pointed out that the experiment is the first in which the transport system aims to improve the operation of logistics centers in order to support the future development of systems, rules and legislation for unmanned vehicles, as well as increase the level of knowledge and public opinion. adoption of unmanned vehicles by giving them the opportunity to try them out, emphasizing that these experiments coincide with the ongoing work in the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services to develop a national regulatory framework for unmanned vehicles in cooperation with the relevant authorities, which aims to combine the efforts of the relevant authorities and defining an appropriate regulatory framework for enabling autonomous vehicles, while emphasizing the importance of user safety, ease of procedures, and attracting investors.

Describing this discovery, Osama Qabbani, CEO of Business Development at the Roshan Group, saw it as a leap forward in the technical development of transportation.

He added that this is the result of cooperation between Roshen and the Ministry of Transport in providing opportunities that improve the quality of life through various indicators, such as reducing congestion and providing transport opportunities for various segments, continuing: “What is happening now is that’s a big part of what Roshan has to offer thanks to his other experiences.” Humanization of civic experience and adaptation of the machine to serve man.

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