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What does he think?.. Photo of Issam El-Khadari in the robes of the Persian Gulf raises a crisis inside Egypt


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Egyptian media have been talking about the crisis in the Egyptian football sector after Essam El-Hadari, the defense coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, posted a photo of him wearing a Gulf robe.

In the past few hours, there have been new developments regarding the relationship of the Brazilian Rogerio Micali, coach of the Egyptian national Olympic football team, with his assistant Essam El-Hadary, goalkeeping coach.

Disagreements have resurfaced between the technical director and the defense coach after the latter missed a number of technical staff meetings recently and also because of his frequent trips abroad.

Issam El-Khadari appeared as an analyst on one of the foreign satellite channels in Doha during the recent World Cup held in Qatar before he traveled again to analyze the Gulf Cup matches and attended a number of matches during the tournament which was held . in Iraq.

The coach of the Olympic team expressed anger at the lack of commitment of the coach of the guards to his duties and follow-up to the Egyptian league matches and the meetings of the Republican league and sectors, in addition to the absence of El-Hadary from more than one meeting of the technical staff.

Al-Hadari caused much controversy after he posted a photo of himself wearing a Gulf robe while on a sports program, hours after the technicians met Muhammad Barakat, a member of the Jabaliya Council, at the Football Association’s headquarters.

This is the second time Mikali and Al-Hadari have been at odds since the coach had previously asked for the removal of his assistant, the coach of the guards, before a reconciliation meeting was held between them through Mohamed Barakat last November and Al-Then Hadari apologized to the coach.

Source: Today’s News

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