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What is the Next Crucial Nation to Break Away from the United States?


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Moscow, April 11 – Columnist Kenneth Rabosa said in an article for Forbes magazine that the UAE may be the next to fall from the geopolitical orbit of the United States.

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It all started with Saudi Arabia. During a visit to Riyadh last July, President Biden received a lukewarm, if not cold, welcome. Then the Saudis chose China as a mediator in their rapprochement with Iran. <…> The United Arab Emirates is next.”
According to him, the UAE, like Saudi Arabia, in many respects followed the example of the United States, but today Abu Dhabi will act in the collective interests of the Emirates. “If that means he has to disagree with or even break with the United States on geopolitical issues, then so be it,” Rabosa said.
Since last summer, US President Joe Biden has invited UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed to Washington, and the fact that the visit has not yet taken place indicates the difficulties in relations between the Emirates and the US administration.
“For observers of developing countries, one need only look at the failure of the United States to enforce its sanctions against Russia as a leading indicator,” Rabosa said. “The UAE is one example of a general ‘withdrawal’ from Western leadership.”
Meanwhile, the US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury has already complained about the UAE in light of “poor enforcement of sanctions,” he said. However, even if Washington imposed any sanctions, the country would “easily ignore any restrictions.”
As mentioned in the article, for the United States, the UAE is an important partner in both trade and economic terms and in terms of political influence: it is the fourth largest recipient of US military supplies, and for example, in 2020, the capital of the United Arab Emirates accounted for about $ 45 billion of investment flows into the United States. The author summed up: “Turning the ‘apple cart’ of friendship and prosperity is fraught with negative consequences.”
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