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What is the participation rate of women in the Saudi Arabian labor market in 2022?


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Ahmed Al Raji, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia on the level of participation of women in the labor market in 2022.

In his speech at the “Twelfth Social Dialogue Forum”, Ahmed Al-Raji explained that the forum aims to increase social dialogue between the three industrial parties, pointing out the importance of the forum for investing in opportunities, solving problems and providing a distinctive work environment to an attractive labor market.

Al-Raji emphasized the ministry’s commitment to harmonization with all its partners in the labor market and sees them as an important element of success.

Al Raji reviewed the most outstanding numbers achieved in 2022, explaining that 2.2 million Saudis are working in the private sector, the highest ever, and that women’s labor market participation rate was 37%, and more than 550 thousands of male and female citizens were employed in addition to the obligations of enterprises 98% of work decisions and regulations, 80% of wage protection obligations, 3.8 million documented employment contracts and amicable settlement of labor disputes increased by 74%.

Source: “Okaz”

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