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What is the Saudi Women’s Team’s Place in World Rankings After Making History?


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The Saudi Arabia women’s team recently achieved another important milestone by entering the FIFA classification, ranking 171st in the world national team rankings.

The Saudi Arabia women’s team is now playing internationally with four wins in its last nine matches and also won this year’s FIFA+ broadcast friendly tournament, in which Pakistan, the Comoros and Mauritius also competed.

These completed projects are part of Saudi Arabia’s wider women’s football strategy, primarily aimed at qualifying for the Women’s World Cup.

⬅ Historic moment for women’s football in Saudi Arabia ???????? @saff_wfd
⬅ Saudi Arabia women’s team is making history again
⬅ For the first time in its history, it entered the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings.
⬅ Saudi Arabia’s long-term goal is to qualify for the Women’s World Cup.

Details ????

– – Arabic (@fifacom_ar) March 24, 2023

And regarding this historic moment, Lamia Bin Bahian, Head of Women’s Football and a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, said: millions of people in Saudi Arabia and throughout the region. And the shape of her entry into ‘Classification’ is a moment we’ve been creating and looking for, but it’s the beginning of what we want to achieve with these girls.”

She added, “These girls can write their story right now. We also have partnerships with many international organizations and federations. deserve.”

In turn, Alia Al-Rashid, director of the women’s football department of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, is enthusiastic about the development of women’s football in her country.

During the fourth edition of the Women’s Leadership Program in Lausanne, she said: “My sense of pride is indescribable because I am involved in the development of women’s football in Saudi Arabia and have seen the remarkable growth that it has seen from the first days. ”

And she continued, “Since the Saudi Arabian Federation has set up a dedicated department for women’s football, we have been able to develop the game and give us the opportunity for everyone, not just players, to hone our talents. We are very proud of the progress we have made and the solid foundation we have built.”

Al Rasheed stressed that the Saudi Arabian Football Association is committed to building a complete system from base to leader training to ensure good coaches and referees are available to promote the game and host various competitions.

The bid to host the 2026 Women’s Nations Cup represents another important step in taking Saudi women’s football to the next level. It is also an example of the country’s efforts to harness untapped potential and create opportunities for women and girls across Asia.

Al-Rashid, who was appointed Head of Women’s Football in the Saudi Federation in May 2022, continued: “My football journey started in 2011 when I was 14. One of my close friends found out that I play football for school and invited me to train with her team.” After graduating, I wanted to work towards giving as many girls as possible the chance to play the football they love, so I joined the Ministry of Sports to open doors for them.”

And she concluded her speech with the words: “I really believe that the development and changes taking place in women’s football in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most exciting stories in the world of the round witch. The development of the game reflects much of the change that is currently taking place in many areas across the Kingdom.”


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