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What will be Chelsea’s cost to sack Potter?


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Moscow, April 4 – London soccer club Chelsea will pay 13 million pounds (more than 14.8 million euros) in compensation to Graham Potter, who was sacked as coach of the team, according to the Daily Mail.
Chelsea announced Potter’s sacking on Sunday. Bruno Saltor, who was a member of the specialized coaching staff, was appointed as the team’s interim head coach.
Potter took over at The Blues in September 2022, replacing Thomas Tuchel. Then Chelsea paid Brighton 22 million pounds (more than 25 million euros) for the early termination of the contract with Potter and 10 million pounds (more than 11.3 million euros) in compensation for Tuchel. During his time at Chelsea, Potter earned around £7 million (about €8 million).

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Since 2003, Chelsea has been owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The club was put up for sale in connection with the sanctions due to the events in Ukraine. At the end of May 2022, the American consortium Todd Boyle became the owner of Chelsea FC. Chelsea have since spent £550m (over €626m) on new players.
In March, Chelsea announced a loss of £121m (over €137m) at the end of the 2021/22 season.

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